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Can you identify a mental health issue?

The Covid Pandemic has had an effect on many lives. Whether through furlough, to job losses or those that have been working all the way through. Those having lost loved ones and jobs as a direct result of this crisis the world has been thrown into.

But how has this effected the children? The teenagers so used to be allowed the freedom to see their friends, attend school and start to plan their future. Its all been turned upside down. Has your child become angry, or quiet in their responses? Crying to situations that wouldn’t normally have such an effect? Children seem to have become the forgotten victims of this nightmare we are all living in.

I am talking about ACE’S, those adverse childhood experiences… is the covid pandemic a part of that? Are the reactions, responses and the “coping” right now going to have an impact on your son/daughter through to adulthood? Does your son/daughter want to have the knowledge to help their friends? I am talking First Aid for Youth mental Health. Available now for teachers, parents and teenagers over the age of 14 yrs.

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katrina franks
katrina franks
Jun 28, 2021
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